Jan 20 2013

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Family Day Weekend / Try OFSC Trails Free Weekend / 16-18 Feb 2013

In cooperation with the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario (MTO), the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs (OFSC) is celebrating Ontario’s mid‐winter Family Day Long Weekend by launching a new 2013 Try Our Trails Permit, available online at no cost and valid from February 16 until February 18, 2013.

The 2013 Try Our Trails Permit is available only by registering online at www.ofsc.on.ca, completing the Try Our Trails Permit application form https://ofsconlinepermits.ca/ and printing out a permit good for Family Day Long Weekend only. There is no charge for either the 2013 Try Our Trails Permit or the registration process, but to access OFSC trails, the printed permit must be affixed to the sled to which it is assigned in accordance with Ontario law.

Be advised that any sled on OFSC trails without a permit on Family Day Weekend is illegal and can incur a fine of up to $1,000. Riders must also carry a valid driver’s licence or Motorized Snow Vehicle Operator’s Licence, sled registration, proof of insurance, and follow all the rules and assumptions for safe OFSC trail riding.


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  1. Cory

    When can we apply for the family day pass

    1. Andrew MacHardy

      We, as a club, are not sure. The ofsc schedules the availability of this pass and will be available online only. I suspect by middle to end of January it will be available at http://www.ofsc.on.ca

  2. b. morawecki

    Have tried to get on the site after receiving confirmation by e. mail but unable to go any further–keeps on saying Error on page. I have not put in password yet. please advise.. thanks

    1. Andrew MacHardy

      The free pass will be available on the OFSC site after January 30, 2014. http://www.ofsc.on.ca Please check back after that.

  3. luke

    can we just print a picture of the pass and tape it on its free any way. i have insurance just wondering for the easy way around

    1. Andrew MacHardy

      No for statistics purposes the ofsc needs to have everybody sign up. This way they can count how many ride for free and try to understand why these people are not purchasing permits.

  4. robhunter

    were to get free pass dont have printer

    1. Andrew MacHardy

      That’s a good question. You can always save the download and have it printed by a friend or business such as staples.

  5. kim

    I would like to get trail pass for family weekend. How do I get one?

    1. Andrew MacHardy

      http://www.ofsc.on.ca. Click buy permits online and follow the procedure from there.

  6. everett

    i have been trying to down load the family pass how complicated. the high lighted sight you have above comes up dont trust the pass word i have set time and time again does not work.

    1. Andrew MacHardy

      Your message is somewhat cryptic. Basically I understand that the password is not working. I had a similar issue with the ofsc site earlier in the year when I purchased my $180 permit. I found that when I tried the next day after making a new password it worked. I did provide input to the ofsc under the comments section. I recommend you try that. Sorry you are having trouble but we as a club don’t run the site.

  7. rick

    i bin trying for one hours to get family day past for weekend and no working i fill out profile form and said was all successfully but nothing sell working to be abole to have the trail past is it possibole to email me for more info what to do thank you

    1. Andrew MacHardy

      Check your spam folder if you didn’t get a password. Otherwise put in password and order your pass. I this doesn’t work please contact the Ontario federation of snowmobile clubs as they manage the http://www.ofsc.on.ca site.

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